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Basil loves staying with Diane and her family and he is really made to feel at home. Basil has stayed with Diane every time we have gone away on holiday or for weekend breaks since he was a pup. It's such a relief that we don't have to worry about him as he is so well cared for. He loves Diane's dogs and has great fun playing with Couper. When Basil and I are out for a walk and we bump into Diane the welcome and love he has for Diane is really touching - she really is Bearsden's very own Dog Whisperer.


Daisy & CEILI 

For the last three years Diane has been looking after our two dogs when we go on holiday  We are really happy with the service she provides and what is more important, so are the dogs.  So much so that they now seem to accept Diane, her family and her dogs as extended members or our family!  It is comforting to know that our dogs are in such good hands (and enjoying themselves!) when we are away.



Diane is an  amazing dog trainer.  Like all the very best trainers, her knowledge and experience of dogs is second to none.  Diane's enthusiasm, kindness and generosity in sharing her considerable knowledge with the owners is fantastic and the fact that at the same time she is also training the owner, who is having too much fun with their dog,  they don't even notice.  

With Diane's help, guidance and practical training, our lively Labrador puppy, Buster, is maturing into a fantastic, sociable, friendly, family dog who enjoys our busy household.  With Diane's training and guidance we can't wait to enjoy more adventures together!  


Diane has a great way with dogs and owners, she is helpful, patient and very accommodating. Diane is also very knowledgeable and great at explaining the best way to get the very best out of your dog.

I am disabled and use either walking sticks or crutches to help me walk, Diane adapted the best way to get Willow to wait in order to let me get her the reward after doing the command correctly!

Willow and myself both enjoy going for a walk now that she is safer and under control. In a short space of time both myself and my dog have improved beyond recognition! Meeting Diane has made a huge difference, not only to us as a trainer but also as a friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Diane to board and look after my dog when necessary.