Our Services



Dog walking 

We offer safe, structured and fun walks for your dog.  We make use of the wonderful countryside we have on offer in Bearsden, Milngavie, Mugdock and surrounding areas for beautiful woodland walks.  We love to go where there is water too for the dogs to paddle or swim.   Our group walks are organised in two time slots -    11am and  1 pm.   We begin collection from 10.30am and then drop off after completing our hour long walk.  Then we start collecting again at 12.30 for the 1pm and drop off following our afternoon session.



When you're busy, you're winning at life.  We can help by caring for your beloved dog when you can't.  All the attention and special amenities described above are also available for short-term care. The best way to keep your pet healthy and happy is to let us provide an environment that your dog  will thrive in with lots of love and attention, just as they would from their owners and their family.  A great and better alternative to a pet-sitter or kennel, at A Dog's Best Friend all our guests get five-star treatment 24/7.



 Boarding with A  Dog' Best Friend means that your dog experiences a complete home from home environment, with maybe the added extra of being part of a canine pack as we have two Black Labradors of our own.  We offer accommodation for overnight, weekend and holiday stay.  We have no restriction on how long your dog(s) can stay with us.  Before your dog comes to stay with us, we require that you and your dog(s) come to visit our home for a meet and greet to ensure that the dogs get on well together and that you are happy with us and our home.  If we are in agreement the booking will then be confirmed. 

We are a family business and treat our guests just like you would — like family!


puppy & dog training

As a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and a qualified Dog Psychologist, we are more than happy to organise a practical one to one training session for your puppy, adolescent or older dog.  We can cover everything from basic commands, jumping up, pulling on the lead, counter surfing, excessive barking, recall, socialisation and even aggression towards people and other dogs.

We will come to your home to meet you and your dog, discuss your wish list and make a realistic training programme with the end result to give you an even better relationship and bond with your dog.  Please contact us directly using the Contact Us Form below for futher information and rates.


Psychological & behavioural modification

There is no behaviour your dog exhibits that you should have to put up with.  It is natural for a dog to be either a leader or a follower within the pack.  If your dog perceives your love and affection for weakness then your dog will train you.  Dog barks, human comes.  Dog barks, human opens the door.  Dog sits on the back of the settee, human lower, submissive position within the pack.   If your dog has a phobia, is obsessive,  possessive,  growls at other dogs or people then these behaviours can be corrected with patience, persistence and positive reinforcement.  Learn how to reinforce the desired behaviour not the undesired behaviour.  We will teach you how to correct undesired behaviour in practical settings, just let us know what your wish list is for your dog .  The one-to-one session will last around an hour and will be followed up with a report summerising our discussion, recommendations and training programme,   We  may bring one of our dogs to help with demonstrations and to project a calm and balance behaviour to your dog.  We may on some occasions recommend a Board & Train programme.  Please contact us directly using the Contact Us Form below for further information and rates.

6 Week Puppy Training Classes

We run a 6 week block of puppy training classes in the Bearsden, Milngavie and Clydebank areas (see Training Class Schedule for days and times).  This gives your new puppy a chance to socialise and learn all the basic commands in a warm and friendly environment.  We find that running a class with small numbers ensures that both owner and puppy receive the attention and space to thrive and learn.  Please use the Contact Us Form to enquire about availability and dates for the next session.

6 Week Practical Dog Training Classes

Moving on from puppy classes we build upon skills and confidence in our combined adolescant and adult dog training sessions and new members are  welcome at our classes too!  Dogs are always able to learn or enhance their obedience levels through further training and encouragement.  These classes will teach practical excercises that you and your dog can use in every day life.  Lead pulling?  Jumping up?  Improving dog etiquette?  Then these classes will help improve your dog's behaviour leading to a better quality of relationship.

Training Class sCHEDULE

Monday:        Dog Training        1pm - 2pm    Milngavie     

                                                       Milngavie Town Hall - Lesser Hall

Wednesday:   Puppy Training   7pm - 8pm   Bearsden       

                                                       St. Andrew's Church - Lower Hall

Friday:            Agility Class     7pm - 8pm    Bearsden       

                                                       St. Andrew's Church - Upper Hall